Bokashi Brothers Bokashi (2.2lb)

Bokashi Brothers Bokashi (2.2lb)
Bokashi Brothers by AAG Biotics, a major manufacturer of one of the top selling national brands of Bokashi, is now selling direct on Amazon!  This is the same premium double-fermented Bokashi with over 65 trace minerals that is good for your indoor composter (outdoor composting as well), kitty litter odor control, soil building and many other uses.  Now you can buy direct and save! AAG Biotics is a licensee of SCD Probiotics and uses their top rated mother cultures to ferment Bokashi Brothers Bokashi. Bags are heavy duty resealable stand up pouches with oxygen barriers to keep your Bokashi fresh. Our bokashi is teeming with beneficial microbes that will go to work doing just what they do in nature. Improve your soil. Do some natural good and save the landfill!
  • Premium quality double fermented and dried bran bokashi with trace minerals.
  • This is dry bokashi which is gives you 25- 30% more usable product than wet bokashi.
  • Packaged in a heavy duty low oxygen transfer laminated stand up and resealable bag.
  • Compost indoors with no odors retaining more nutrients and making less CO2.
  • Directly comparable to SCD All Seasons Bokashi.

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