About Us

Ohorizon is a soil layer with a large amount of organic matter, most typically within a forest floor. ohorizon.com.au is dedicated to promoting the cultivation of high quality soil biology such as mycorrhizae and application of superior soil amendments that will replicate the dynamics of the forest floor, in your soil.

We keenly sense that soil microbes will play a pivotal role in new industries of this century. Appealing to organic minds, horticulturists, forestry, mining industries; and land managers. Indeed, we believe this century will be the century of the microbe. Particularly when the public realizes that these microbes:

  • increase crop yields
  • increase drought resistance
  • are the largest single organism on earth
  • are a key to understanding climate change
  • play a pivotal role in ecosystem function and dynamics
  • benefit 95% of plants from some form of mycorrhizae relationship
  • network and deliver nutrients, decease protection and build new soil
  • reduce the cost of fertilizers and pesticides by creating a healthy soil food web
  • specifically, fungi and people share a common ancestor and are more closely related to us than plants
  • become an auxiliary root system several hundred to 2,500 times greater than what plants can reach alone

The philosophy of ohorizon.com.au is to promote a greater understanding of social, economic, environmental and cultural systems by literally getting people in touch with the earth and making a change within such systems by reducing energy needs and negative environmental impacts.