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Why Alfalfa?
Alfalfa fertilizer is valued for its nitrogen and high quality minerals, but what I find most amazing about Alfalfa are the high levels of Triacontanol! In the garden Alfalfa is generally applied in three forms, these include as a living mulch, a compost accelerator and as Alfalfa Meal, which can give the benefits of mulch but is easily applied to your garden and potting soil. The organic matter will help prevent compaction and retain moisture and the nitrogen and minerals will stimulate microbes and earthworms, making the nutrients readily available for your plants to use.

Some of the vitamins and minerals include:





Vitamin A


Vitamin B

Vitamin E





Pantothenic Acid

Folic Acid














Alfalfa and Triacontanol
In addition to the vitamins, minerals and nitrogen, it also releases a powerful growth stimulant Triacontanol, which is a plant growth hormone. Triacontanol will significantly boost the growth of your plants.  Expect greater bloom production, horizontal branching and great root system development. Also, plants may break their dormancy early and have a noticeable increase in the thickness and number of leaves. Triacontanol Factsheet.


  • Increases Flower Production

  • Plants Break Dormancy Earlier

  • Greater Root System Development

  • Thicker and more Numerous Leaves

  • Natural and Powerful Growth Hormone

Other Benefits

  • Excellent Cover Crop

  • Can be used as hay or alfalfa meal which are easy to crush up and mix in the soil bed.

  • Research has shown that when alfalfa is added to garden soil, it significantly reduces nematode infestations and crop production is increased.

  • Alfalfa decomposes quickly and can be used as a Compost Accelerator. The high nitrogen content supplies the microbes in your compost a food source to speed up the decomposition process.

Whether you use it to fertilize your plants or accelerate your compost, Alfalfa is a fantastic way to help your garden achieve higher yields and increased vigor and resilance in your garden. Try the combination of Azomite, Mealworm Castings, Kelp, Mycorrhizae and Alfalfa for a good all round organic fertilizer regime for your garden.

Thanks for reading the blog! If you like this article please leave a comment and share; theres more sustainability tips in other blog posts. Also, theres high quality Alfalfa Meal, organic amendments and Great White Mycorrhizae, I’ve found the Cyco Ryzofuel, and the Worm Castings work extraordinary well. And Happy Gardening!