Cyco Nutrients Platinum Series Ryzofuel 250 ml

Cyco Nutrients Platinum Series Ryzofuel 250 ml

Cyco Ryzofuel (0-0-0.2), Australia's leading root stimulant designed  to rapidly accelerate new root growth.

Ryzofuel is made up of enzymatically digested Tasmanian Kelp which retains naturally higher levels of cytokinins, auxins, and gibberellins than its cousin, the widely used ascophyllum nodosum or Norwegian Sea Kelp.

Add to any fertilizer program to achieve greener vigorous plant growth, set more flower sites, stimulate advanced flower growth, encourage more robust flowers and fruit and increase new leaves and overall biomass.

Use in foliar spraying to revive suffering potted plants, transplants, ornamentals, flowers, shrubs, natives, trees, seedlings and cuttings.

  • Use for explosive root development
  • Cyco Nutrients Ryzofuel Hydroponics Kelp Fertilizer Platinum 250mL to 20L Liter
  • 250mL

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