Insect Frass Plant Food, 2 Pounds

Insect Frass Plant Food, 2 Pounds

Insect Frass: Excrement of herbivore insects ("insect guano")

Plants feed Insects, insects feed plants (the "Fast Cycle" of nutrient cycling)

Stimulates the plants immune system: The plant thinks its being attacked by Insects which causes the autoimmune system to create Plant Secondary Metabolites and Chitinase Enzyme Dilates vascular system, increases turgor pressure, strengthens cell walls and increases chute biomass for thicker stalks and stems resulting in more vigorous and healthy plants.

Contains Every Macro and Micro Nutrient available

Contains Every Functional Group of Beneficial Bacteria, Fungi & Protozoa Tremendous mounts of Amoeba Insect Chitin: (Superior to crustacean chitin.

Bio-pesticide and Bio-fungicide and kills Root-Feeding Nematodes, Fungus Gnats, Mealy bugs, etc.

  • Stimulates the plants immune system
  • Contains every macro and micro nutrient available
  • Contains every functional group of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa
  • Insect chitin controls pests and pathogens

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