Worm Factory 360 Composting Bin (Terracotta) With 1000 Live Composting Worms By Worms Etc

New Worm Factory 360 Composting Bin (Terracotta) With 1000 Live Composting Worms By Worms Etc

The Worm Factory 360 allows you to turn your organic waste, paper and cardboard into nutrient rich vermicompost for your plants. The Worm Factory 360 composting system makes this process quick and easy! With a thermo siphon air flow design, the Worm Factory 360 increases the composting speed. Now you can produce compost much faster than traditional composting methods. This version of the Worm Factory 360 comes in black, and it's also available in green and terracotta.

Worm composting makes it easy to recycle kitchen scraps, paper waste and cardboard into nutrient- rich fertilizer for your plants, creating a more sustainable lifestyle. The worms work 24/7 to efficiently produce highly beneficial, rich compost packed with microbes and water soluble plant nutrients.

The Worm Factory 360 is simple to set up and operate. Managing your Worm Factory 360 takes less than 15 minutes a week. Simply add a handful of worms and your organic waste such as kitchen scraps and shredded paper to the bottom tray of the Worm Factory 360. The worms will start processing the food. Once the bottom tray is filled add another tray. The worms migrate upward to the newest food source leaving the bottom tray full of nutrient-rich compost. You can do this year-round inside or outside, and harvest compost up to once a month! Your first tray will take about three months to become fully composted by the worms. After the first tray is composted the other trays can take as little as a month depending on the waste added. Once you harvest your finished compost from the bottom tray, you will have an empty tray to stack on top again.

The nutrient-rich finished compost can be used in your garden, raised beds, container gardens, or on houseplants. Even if you're not a gardener, the Worm Factory 360 helps you reduce your impact and provides an alternative to throwing your waste into the landfill.

  • Everything you need to get started, including 1000 red wiggler worms! The Worm Factory 360 composter uses worms to break down organic waste. Its compact design makes it perfect for use in any household.
  • It is easy to recycle kitchen scraps and paper into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants.
  • Managing the Worm Factory 360 takes less than 15 minutes a week. Add worms and your organic waste to the bottom tray. Once that tray is filled add another. The worms migrate upward leaving their compost behind. It works year-round inside or outside.
  • The finished compost can be used on any plants. Composting with the Worm Factory 360 uses worms to make recycling your household kitchen waste quick and easy.
  • Worms will ship seperately after the Worm Factory to allow time to prepare the worm bin.

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